Services for Vets

Mobile ultrasonography for cats and dogs

We can organise ultrasounds on most days of the week. Please call us for further information.

Telephone advice (free service)

We are happy to discuss complex cases and take 10-20 advice calls and emails a week from all over Australia. We are happy to just have a chat about cases even if they will not be referred.

Feline medicine referral

We offer a feline medicine referral service and can take on new cases on most days of the week. Please call us if you would like to discuss a case.

Vets and veterinary nurses cats

We have diagnosed and treated animals belonging to vets and nurses from most of the Townsville clinics. We offer a significant discount for animals belonging to practicing veterinary staff.

(07 4772 2500
(Call 0466 317238 during NBN outages / power cuts)  
TQ Cat clinic